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Pereira Kliche Ltda.

Customs brokers.

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About us

The Company
Since 1967.

We are characterized by our vocation for professional service.

Pereira Kliche Ltda. Is the Customs Broker firm that continues with the activity developed by Don Enrique Pereira Kliche.

The goals of our services are professionalism, responsibility and efficiency.

About us

We advise our clients
In the following aspects.



Integral Advice in Foreign Trade

We carry out procedures before public and private organizations related to foreign trade operations.


Import, Export, Transit, Temporary admission

Regulations and Prerequisites

We advise on provisions and customs legislation of Uruguay, as well as on international agreements that the country has signed.

The ideals of our founder, still mark the vision of our company today:

"To serve our clients with total professionalism and careful attention."


Don Enrique Pereira Kliche Founder

We advise on provisions and customs of Uruguay.

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